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Short English Stories For Kids- Panchatantra 



A Short Stories In EnglishHe was a Sudar boy, he was very timid and did not mind
any work. Did not want to live anywhere. So everyone used to make fun of him
after seeing him. But one day when Ramat Mahotsav was happening in the village,
he also thought that I too participate in Ramat Mahotsav.
He could not do anything properly, he went to write his name
at the Ramat Festival, then all the friends started making fun of him. So he started
to get scared and he returned to his house. The elderly elders came there. And
he sees Sudar as disgusted and calls him. What happened to my child?
The gentleman tells the elderly Dadaji that I participate in
the Rimat Festival and what to do if I do not play the game. All the people
started mocking me, so I am going home. Elder Dadaji said to Sudar that my
children do work, with all the hard work and hard work, but you will definitely
do it.
You can try, only then does he agree with what Sundar
Grandpa has said, and some Rimat goes to write his name in the festival, then
Sundar feels that I should follow what Dadaji said, which would have worked
earlier. He did not mind in that work.
Therefore, he did not like that work. After a while, he
thinks a lot and manages to change his values ​​and the one who attended the
Ramat Festival. In it, he works very hard with dedication and passion and he
wins the game, all people start looking at him like that.
What this handsome did, till date he had not felt in any
work. Not everyone believes, but reality is a beautiful, he has won, and all
the people start cheering him. And looking at all the beautiful people, they
start crying, clapping increases the confidence of Sundar.
The rate that was filled inside him also goes out and he
goes to the elderly grandfather who was crying. Go to grandfather and say that
you explained to me, so thank you, I have been successful today because of you.
Grandpa says that whatever work you do, do it with dedication, put your life in
it and work hard and finish that work.
Short Stories For Kids With Moral– Sometimes, even if you leave your work
unfinished, try hard work in that work even if you do not have defeat or
whatever is not necessary, do not do that work.

                              Short Stories For Kids In English With Moral

Short Stories EnglishThere were two friends, they used to study on class 10 i.e.
Motu and Chhotu were playing outside their house once, they were tired of
playing on both the places, they were getting bored and they were getting bored
at the same place. I thought that the game in the nearby village has a lot of
fun, there is a beautiful garden, so both of them got out for the game and they
spoke to Motu Chhotu, who started swimming, both started swimming. Late, Chotu
said, “Chalo Motu”, he went to the neck and both went very far in the
Both of them challenged which one runs the most. They both
came to the place of running away He gives a look to Motu. Motu tells Chhotu
that he is looking for Motu that it seemed like a horror story about taj mahal.
Then Chhotu said no, the horror story in the cartoon is very animated.
They started feeling sad that there are no ghosts. In a
short while, if they came home, they both joined. Chhotu said that there is
someone in that house. It was very much because of the US voice. Shortly
speaking, I will not be able to do anything. They both go to the house but they
did not see any in the house.
In a while, the voice of a billy is very high, the person
who makes his voice so happy, he is very scared. There were so many rats that
it was the house of the child. At the same time, the voice of Roni is very
high, both of them said that voice, he is looking forward to see that both of
them have seen the shadow of an old woman. Both of them were blurring the path
of Nikan out of that house, but they do not know the way. In a while, he came
to see the old woman with long forces in front of both of them and weeping
after seeing that old woman.
Then the woman says, do not hurry, it is my house, they gave
chocolate to eat both of them, in return they both came out of that house.
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