top 3 short stories in english for kids with moral

दोस्तो आज आपको
यह बताने वाले है
| आपको Short Stories in english for kids with moral  के बारे मे हमे
यकिन है
| Children Stories with morals  बहुत पसंद आयेगा
moral stories for children


A romanchak pasang hai
a chhoti sikli riya that he loved in his house, so he loved it very much. In
the house, Ronak is the only caste he talks to, so often he used to hear the
voice of the base near his grandfather. Hearing that lullaby, she slept so fast
Day by day, she gets older and one day her grandmother is no longer in this
world, because she has gone from this world because of illness.
Hearing that, the mind
has slipped away from her body. The mind is weak and it does not mind to write
its path. All the members of the house saw that the mother was having many
problems. She did not listen to Lori so much without listening to her. His sin
spoke to Riya whether he was awake, so it was too late. She said that mujhe
lori listened without sleep. His sin said that I heard you very well today.
After that he listened to Lori.
One day his father said
that you do that I have a friend, he tells very good stories and lullabies. And
it is good to hear that he has good influence in life. You do this so that from
the time you go to those calls every day, I talk with my friend. After spending
some days knowing that riya necklace everyday, his sin thought that something
is happening in his life, now that he will be new in life.
Day by day he began to
improve in Riya’s life, his mind started becoming very sharp. She started to
get engaged in her practice and if she has any work or any problem she would
improve herself. After listening to that call, she got to learn the good thing,
she used to take the things in her life and always tried to do something new.
Whenever he gets to
learn a new skill, then he will write that question in a book. He thought that
whatever happens in life is good, what we have to do is in our hands, so listen
to the words of the people. And after his account was written, he started his
own personal business on his own power. And she was very angry in life. He
fulfilled the dreams he had and he tells all the people that they should listen
to the good things and start the Castle which gives inspiration to live ahead
in their lives.


Moral Stories for kids
in english
: – Do something
like in life, like all people like you. And listen to the good things of the
people and put that thing in the living. And the best Sikhs should get there
and stay there and listen to them.


 2-Moral Stories For Kids

After a long time, a
pot in the mind is going to tell you today. There is a matter of one day that a
boy named Samir was feeling like crushing him in his life. But something was
not possible. He had completed his practice but he did not know what he felt.
It is high time that I am not getting any work. Found work at some place but
knew that he could not work. The ekkhar was the meus and udus. He went to his
uncle one day.

He started telling
uncle that I am not going to do anything. Mira Jivan is now gone, now what do I
want to do, which is to be dead again, but I do not know it. All the people
keep saying that do something, but what should I do?
Uncle said, Beta tumj
thodi sis to lo tell me what to do, life is a game you will not have to play.
If you do not play, then you should learn to support defeat. I just say that
you just enjoy life and go on working well together.

 Bhanela Manas Saath
Base Base Depression recalls Garib Manas Saathi Basi was dead in the heart.

How much you stop a
letter, but it takes its own way. If you do this, you will not be able to take
care of the mind in which you are engaged, and you will not stop in the next
place. You will do yoga early in the morning and you are going to do your day,
think beforehand, do it like this day after day, and after a few days, look at
your life.
Whatever you do in the
day, you write in a book and after the end of the day you see what you have
done. And what you have done and what to do tomorrow, take care of it and think
that you will definitely have one day, you just don’t have to stay in your
life. Kuch na kuch you have to keep working. Out of what you work, you will get
to learn something and you will do your work and your mind will not be weak.


Stories for kids with
In the youth, there is
so much to do, but there is a lot to be learned from that, before you become
disenchanted, you must see what I did, who had to face the defeat and what to
do when I got the victory.

        3-Kids Moral Stories


Think that happens It is said that if the
fate has changed, then everything has changed. A village with a left that he is
from a poor house, his father is a farmer, his mother works by going home. And
he has one brother left. That girl was very good in writing, but due to being
garib, she had to face a lot of difficulty in getting ahead.

And wrote Pathai that
the game was a hosier one. She was the only hosier in her village. One day, the
program of Ramat Ghamat was done in the village of his village, he had played
all the songs from Alag village, he had participated in the Meerthon Run, he
thought that it is good to win this Merethon. And all the people of that truth
were like that, it was everyone’s interest. He is a caste as easily as that of
One day, his house
takes a bag and comes to Dakmen and gives it to all of them, they are surprised
to see what they have brought. All the people talk to the Dakman, what have you
brought? He said that he would open the paper and then know it. The head of the
village said, “Betta-e-kholo kya hai hum hai dekhe She looks at the paper
openly and what she has written in the paper is turned to the path and starts
crying. All the people went to see him, why are they crying? She has come from
her state to participate in the Meerthon Run in Boli Muje International. That
is why, in my eyes, all of the untouched flames all listened to his words and
went to office thinking and were very happy.
And the girl’s father
said that I do not have money to send him there. Then he said that the sarpanch
of the village, why are you thinking that we will send him there to take his
part in Meerthon? You just start preparing, we have to brighten the name of our
village, all of them arranged a lot of money and sent that girl to Meerthon for
the game. That girl was there, she thought that the hope of all people is with
me. If I could not win in this Merethon, what would happen that all hope would
come and my village would be infamous in my village. When he sees Mayush to the
girl, his coach says to him that whatever you are thinking, do not stop
thinking and I think that I can win this Merethon run.
I have seen all the
people who are different. He said that it is different but there is no one like
it, we know that you are best off all of them. Do not think about all these
things, Abhi, you think that you are as proud as you are.
And then she started
thinking in her mind that I am as much as Meerthon. All the people who were
going to play with me were looking at him, and all the people and people
started taking care of him and after a while he got Medal and he came to his
village and gave him the name. Jai started doing this and instead offered her
life from somewhere to get ahead, and she set her life on the right side.

A person who is green
can win again, but a person who is defeated by heart can never win.



Moral Story for kids: It depends on
what you think, what you think you want to become. In your life, think only of
being a lord, not a lamb.



दोस्तो मुजे यकिन
है कि
Top 3 short stories in english for kids with moral  आपको पसंद आयी
होगि । यह
Moral stories for
 आपको कोइ सुधार करने योगियाता लग्ता है तो हमे कोम्मेंत
करके बताये और आपको कहनीया
लिखने का पसंद हो तो हमे Short Stories teaching moral for kids  या English Moral stories एमैल कर सक्ते हो

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