top 3 short stories in english for kids with moral

दोस्तो आज आपको
यह बताने वाले है
| आपको Short Stories in english for kids with moral  के बारे मे हमे
यकिन है
| Children Stories with morals  बहुत पसंद आयेगा
moral stories for children


A romanchak pasang hai
a chhoti sikli riya that he loved in his house, so he loved it very much. In
the house, Ronak is the only caste he talks to, so often he used to hear the
voice of the base near his grandfather. Hearing that lullaby, she slept so fast
Day by day, she gets older and one day her grandmother is no longer in this
world, because she has gone from this world because of illness.
Hearing that, the mind
has slipped away from her body. The mind is weak and it does not mind to write
its path. All the members of the house saw that the mother was having many
problems. She did not listen to Lori so much without listening to her. His sin
spoke to Riya whether he was awake, so it was too late. She said that mujhe
lori listened without sleep. His sin said that I heard you very well today.
After that he listened to Lori.
One day his father said
that you do that I have a friend, he tells very good stories and lullabies. And
it is good to hear that he has good influence in life. You do this so that from
the time you go to those calls every day, I talk with my friend. After spending
some days knowing that riya necklace everyday, his sin thought that something
is happening in his life, now that he will be new in life.
Day by day he began to
improve in Riya’s life, his mind started becoming very sharp. She started to
get engaged in her practice and if she has any work or any problem she would
improve herself. After listening to that call, she got to learn the good thing,
she used to take the things in her life and always tried to do something new.
Whenever he gets to
learn a new skill, then he will write that question in a book. He thought that
whatever happens in life is good, what we have to do is in our hands, so listen
to the words of the people. And after his account was written, he started his
own personal business on his own power. And she was very angry in life. He
fulfilled the dreams he had and he tells all the people that they should listen
to the good things and start the Castle which gives inspiration to live ahead
in their lives.


Moral Stories for kids
in english
: – Do something
like in life, like all people like you. And listen to the good things of the
people and put that thing in the living. And the best Sikhs should get there
and stay there and listen to them.


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top 2 short stories for kids in english

दोस्तो आज आपको यह बताने वाले है | आपको Short Stories For Kids in English के बारे मे हमे यकिन है | आपको Short Stories In English For Students बहुत पसंद आयेगा ।





Short English Stories For Kids- Panchatantra 



A Short Stories In EnglishHe was a Sudar boy, he was very timid and did not mind
any work. Did not want to live anywhere. So everyone used to make fun of him
after seeing him. But one day when Ramat Mahotsav was happening in the village,
he also thought that I too participate in Ramat Mahotsav.
He could not do anything properly, he went to write his name
at the Ramat Festival, then all the friends started making fun of him. So he started
to get scared and he returned to his house. The elderly elders came there. And
he sees Sudar as disgusted and calls him. What happened to my child?
The gentleman tells the elderly Dadaji that I participate in
the Rimat Festival and what to do if I do not play the game. All the people
started mocking me, so I am going home. Elder Dadaji said to Sudar that my
children do work, with all the hard work and hard work, but you will definitely
do it.
You can try, only then does he agree with what Sundar
Grandpa has said, and some Rimat goes to write his name in the festival, then
Sundar feels that I should follow what Dadaji said, which would have worked
earlier. He did not mind in that work.
Therefore, he did not like that work. After a while, he
thinks a lot and manages to change his values ​​and the one who attended the
Ramat Festival. In it, he works very hard with dedication and passion and he
wins the game, all people start looking at him like that.
What this handsome did, till date he had not felt in any
work. Not everyone believes, but reality is a beautiful, he has won, and all
the people start cheering him. And looking at all the beautiful people, they
start crying, clapping increases the confidence of Sundar.
The rate that was filled inside him also goes out and he
goes to the elderly grandfather who was crying. Go to grandfather and say that
you explained to me, so thank you, I have been successful today because of you.
Grandpa says that whatever work you do, do it with dedication, put your life in
it and work hard and finish that work.
Short Stories For Kids With Moral– Sometimes, even if you leave your work
unfinished, try hard work in that work even if you do not have defeat or
whatever is not necessary, do not do that work.

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