16-year-old 'Little Messi' Giulia Dragoni starts for Italy vs Argentina

The Women's World Cup saw a moment to be remembered for a long time for 16-year-old Giulia Dragni.

16-year-old 'Little Messi' Giulia Dragni made her debut for Italy against Argentina in the Women's World Cup.

Dragoni was born on 7 November 2006 and started Italy's Group G clash in the center of midfield.

Dragini who became the youngest player to represent Italy in the history of the competition.

According to the Women's World Cup, Dragani is the second youngest European to play in the tournament.

Nicknamed 'Little Messi', Dragani, wearing the number 16 shirt, is playing in the Women's World Cup at an early age.

The 39-year-old Vanina Coria was in goal for Argentina. When Dragani was born, she had already made her debut for her country.

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