Adam Sandler's Parental Wisdom: Navigating Hollywood and Passion Projects with His Daughter

Sandler emphasizes the importance of feeling good about the effort put into their work.

He encourages them to judge themselves based on their dedication and hard work.

He advises his daughters not to let too many people get into their heads.

This implies that external opinions or pressures shouldn't overshadow their own judgment of their work.

Sandler believes that giving it their all is what matters most. If they feel they've put in their maximum effort that's all they can ask of themselves.

He expresses joy in spending time with his family, especially while delving into their shared passion for the entertainment industry. He hints at potential future collaborations.

Reflecting on their past projects like the bat mitzvah movie and the recently completed film, Sandler notes how their family projects have allowed his daughters to grow and mature over time.

Although his daughters are inclined toward "serious" roles rather than comedy Sandler mentions that they bring a fun, light and goofy energy to their roles in the animated movie they're working on.