Five Nights at Freddy's movie is a hit video game series

Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) is a hit video game series that has gained immense popularity since its release in 2014.

The game's success is notable, as it began as an indie game but eventually entered mainstream culture.

FNAF Classic is famous for incorporating retro horror elements. It features scary, abandoned buildings with labyrinthine corridors, innocent children's toys that turn dangerous at night.

The main antagonist, Freddy, is a giant animatronic teddy bear, along with other animatronic animal characters, who have sinister intentions of harming the player.

It's surprising that it took so long for FNAF to be turned into a movie since the game's setting and structure already have all the essential components of a horror film.

FNAF is more than just a horror game; It had a significant impact on gaming fans and YouTube culture.

This symbolizes the popularity of games that keep the audience guessing not only about what will happen but also about the deeper meaning behind the story.

The franchise has expanded over the years, with eight main games, a virtual reality version, five spinoff games, several books, graphic novels and now, an upcoming film.