Girl's Day's Hyeri Shares Heartwarming Vlog: Celebrating Sojin's Joyful Bridal Shower and Marriage

Girls' Day member Hyeri released a new vlog on December 1.

In which fans were invited to join them in celebrating the wedding of their leader, Sojin, through a chaotic but touching bridal shower.

The vlog documented the Girl's Day members' efforts in decorating a stylish party room along the Han River with the aim of surprising Sojin.

It also highlighted an incident where Meena almost ruined the surprise.

But it was saved by the members' deceptive efforts and "lies" to ensure the success of the surprise.

Mina, Yura and Hyeri took turns expressing their heartfelt congratulations to Sojin.

Their messages were accompanied by a humorous note emphasizing the importance of spending time with Sojin even after marriage.

Girls' Day member and actress Sojin recently married music actor Lee Dong Ha on November 18, making her the first member of the group to tie the knot.