GloRilla and Kai Cenat Playful Social Media Feud Over Song and Instagram Blocking

Gloriella and Kai Kai Cenat, Twitch personalities appear to be engaged in a light-hearted feud related to a song and Instagram blocking.

Kai Cenat dissed Glorillah's song "Cha Cha Cha" featuring Fivo Foreign during a Twitch livestream earlier this month, sparking controversy.

Kai and his friends are currently taking part in an unconventional livestream experiment, where they are simulating being held in a fake prison for seven days.

Gloriella, possibly under the influence of alcohol, decided to jokingly troll Kai Sennett on social media, suggesting that she could unblock him.

Despite being in a fake prison, Kai responded to Gloriella's tweet, warning her that she should stay where she is.

Referencing her previous comment about not unblocking individuals.

Earlier, Gloriella had blocked Kai on Instagram and when questioned by a fan in an Instagram Live session, she responded firmly.

In which it was said that if someone has been blocked then they should remain blocked.

During an Instagram Live session, Glorilla may have jokingly threatened Kai, suggesting that he is not even safe in his fake prison, and that she and her allies could come visit him.