Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin's Co-Parenting Bond Amidst New Romance and Custody Agreement

Actor Jeremy Allen White and his ex-partner Addison Timlin showcased strong co-parenting as they reunited at a park in Los Angeles with their two daughters, Ezer (4) and Dolores (2), despite their split in May.

The estranged couple spent quality time with their daughters with Jeremy holding hands with Ezer while Addison carried Dolores.

They shared a heartfelt hug before parting ways each driving off in separate cars.

Jeremy's outing with Addison follows the confirmation of his new romance with Spanish singer Rosalia.

Sources revealed to Us Weekly that the two have recently started dating after initially being friends, and they've been spotted together in public outings.

Jeremy was previously linked to model Ashley Moore in August sharing a passionate kiss after a dinner date.

However, his recent dates with Rosalia mark his current romantic involvement.

Jeremy agreed to specific stipulations in his custody arrangement with Timlin.

He reportedly accepted daily alcohol testing when with his daughters, with the agreement that if alcohol is detected in his system, custodial rights would be suspended until further actions are decided.