Keegan-Michael Key and Elle Key Relationship Timeline – as it happened

Keegan-Michael Key's previous marriage to Cynthia Blaze ended in 2015. After the divorce, he moved on with his life.

In January 2017, Keegan-Michael Key began a new chapter in his romantic life when he began dating Elle Key.

Their relationship progressed, and in November of that year, Keegan-Michael and Elle announced their engagement, marking a significant step towards each other.

They tied the knot in June 2018 in an intimate wedding ceremony held at their own home.

Keegan-Michael Key expressed his deep admiration for his fiancée shortly before the wedding, describing her as passionate, intelligent and wonderful.

Beyond their personal relationship, Keegan-Michael and Elle Key have also collaborated professionally. They have jointly worked on many projects together.

One notable project he initiated was the creation of his award-winning podcast titled "The History of Sketch Comedy".

Which was launched in 2021. This venture reflects their shared interests and talents.