Keke Palmer Seeks Restraining Order and Sole Custody, Accusing Darius Jackson of Abuse

Palmer has accused Jackson aged 29 of multiple instances of abuse during their two-year relationship as detailed in court documents filed on November 9.

One of the incidents mentioned in the court documents is security footage from a November 5 event when Jackson allegedly trespassed into Palmer's home without her knowledge or consent.

He is said to have threatened her and engaged in physical violence including lunging for her neck, striking her throwing her over a couch and stealing her phone.

Palmer alleges that there were numerous instances of physical violence and abuse during her relationship with Jackson.

This included damaging her personal property throwing her belongings on the road taking her car keys and preventing her from driving, and even performing acts of violence in front of her. His son.

She claims that Jackson threatened to harm himself with a gun if she were to leave him and engaged in harassment and other forms of emotional and physical abuse.

In her declaration Palmer states that her relationship with Jackson ended permanently in early October, primarily due to the physical and emotional abuse she experienced during their time together.

This legal action follows months of speculation about the status of Keke Palmer's relationship with Darius Jackson including comments Jackson made about her attire during an Usher concert.