Last Call for Istanbul: A Tale of Chance, Chemistry and Unexpected Turns in NYC

Ryan (Kivank Tatlitug) first sets his sights on Samantha (Brian Saat) when her luggage is accidentally taken by another passenger at baggage claim.

This leads to an unexpected trip to New York City that reveals aspects of them and their relationship.

Initially, the plot plays out in a predictable rhythm as stuff goes haywire. Samantha needs help, she gets it courtesy of Ryan.

Because he accompanies her to ensure her comfort even staying in the same hotel for the night while awaiting the return of her bag.

Despite both being married, they decide to explore the city's nightlife together, eventually spending the night together in Ryan's room.

Although the first half may seem predictable, the adorable chemistry between Tatlitug and Seven draws the audience in.

Their on-screen rapport brings the theme of "love at first sight" to life, and their natural rapport resonates throughout the scenes.