Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti spotted having romantic moment at Halloween house

Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted at a Halloween house party in West Hollywood with girlfriend Vittoria Ceretti.

The party lasted late into the night, with DiCaprio and Victoria's public display of affection (PDA) catching the attention of the audience.

While DiCaprio was relaxing outside, Vittoria joined him on the deck and they started relaxing.

According to the source, Victoria came closer and placed her hands on DiCaprio's lower back.

Vittoria even put her hand under his clothes, apparently they both had become romantic. Both seemed to be enjoying this moment.

When both of them realized that someone was keeping an eye on them and photographs were being taken, they immediately stopped and went back inside.

Leonardo DiCaprio is not often seen showing PDA with his significant others which makes this sighting rare.

According to the source, their relationship is getting serious and they have only been dating for a few months.