'Merry Little Batman' first look: Damian Wayne Takes Center Stage in a Festive Animated Holiday Adventure

Damian Wayne known for his role as Robin in DC comics and TV shows takes on a new animated holiday film titled "Merry Little Batman."

The film follows Damian Wayne (voiced by Jonas Kibreab), who like Kevin McCallister from Home Alone, finds himself alone in Wayne Manor on Christmas Eve.

Set during the Christmas season the movie explores the festive time in Gotham City.

Damian Wayne typically known as Robin dons his own "Little Batman" costume in this film.

His mission is to thwart supervillains, including the Joker, who aim to ruin the holidays in Gotham City.

In this animated feature Damian is portrayed as younger than his usual depiction adding a new layer to his character.

The decision to present Damian as a younger more innocent character aligns with the magical nature of Christmas for children.

Mike Roth, the director and producer of "Merry Little Batman," shares insights into the creative choices.