Picasso 'Femme à la Montre' painting auction Sells for $139.4 Million in New York

Picasso's masterpiece titled "Femme à la Montre" has been sold at auction for more than $139 million.

Making it the second most valuable work by the artist ever sold at auction.

This 1932 oil painting was the centrepiece of a two-day auction event at Sotheby's in New York, part of the sale of the private collection of the late philanthropist Emily Fisher Landau.

Measuring 51¼ x 38 inches (130 x 96.5cm), the painting depicts Picasso's girlfriend and "golden muse" Marie-Thérèse Walter, who featured in many of his paintings.

Sotheby's notes that the painting, which comes from one of the most brilliant years of the Spanish artist's career, was the subject of a dedicated exhibition by the Musée Picasso in Paris and London's Tate Modern in 2018.

Julian Dawes, head of Impressionist and Modern Art at Sotheby's America, described Picasso's "Femme à la Montre" as a masterpiece.

The painting communicates both joy and passion, displaying a thoughtful and thoughtful composition. Its bold primary colors stand out prominently on the five-foot-long canvas.

Picasso first met Marie-Therese Walter in Paris in 1927when she was 17 years old.