Ruby Barker Criticizes Netflix and Shondaland for Lack of Support During Psychotic Breaks

Ruby Barker, best known for her role in the popular series "Bridgerton."

Ruby Barker has criticized Netflix and Shondaland for their lack of support during the two psychological breaks she experienced following the success of the show's first season.

Barker was a series regular in the first season of "Bridgerton" and returned as a guest actor for Season 2.

She played Featherington's cousin Marina, whose scandalous pregnancy causes her to be socially ostracized in the series' Regency-era London setting.

Barker said his first psychological break occurred after completing production on the first season of "Bridgerton" in 2019.

Another mental breakdown occurred in 2022 and Barker expressed frustration at receiving no support from Netflix.

Barker expressed his frustration, indicating that neither Netflix nor Shondaland had contacted him after experiencing two mental breakdowns related to his participation on the show.

Barker said his mental health began to deteriorate during the filming of "Bridgerton".

He attributed this decline to the isolated and ostracized nature of his character's role in the series, which had a negative impact on his well-being.

Variety has contacted both Netflix and Shondaland for comments on the matter.