Sharon Stone Reveals Alleged 1980s Sexual Harassment by Sony Executive: A Brave Conversation

The alleged incident took place in the 1980s during a meeting at one of Sony's studio offices.

At the time, Stone was excited to meet with the Sony executive unaware of what would transpire.

During the meeting, Stone recalled sitting on a low couch while wearing a Ralph Lauren jacket, denim skirt and cowboy boots.

Her tall stature made her appear as if she was sitting with her legs akimbo on the couch.

The Sony executive allegedly began praising Sharon Stone before, unexpectedly exposing himself by taking his penis out in front of her.

Stone's initial reaction to the shocking situation was a mix of nervousness and laughter. She described laughing and crying simultaneously, becoming hysterical.

The executive left the room after her reaction, but Stone was left unsure of how to respond at the time.

Sharon Stone shared that she remained silent inside the office for a brief period after the executive's departure until a secretary escorted her out of the room.

The incident took place in 1980 and in the interview, Stone highlighted that it has been 43 years since the event.