Stray Kids Dominates Charts with Powerful Comeback MV 'LALALALA' - Seungmin's Center Stage

Stray Kids has made a highly anticipated comeback with the release of the music video for "LALALALA" on November 10, 2023 as part of their album "Rock Star."

The eight-member group, after achieving global recognition and breaking records is creating a buzz with the powerful energy and excitement of the video's title track.

Seungmin, with his captivating blue-black hair color and center performance in the MV has been particularly noteworthy stealing the spotlight.

Shortly after its release Stray Kids is dominating the Melon Music Chart with Seungmin also trending on various charts.

Seungmin's striking visuals and commanding presence in the "LALALALA" MV have garnered praise from fans, who admire his young mastery and energy-packed demeanor.

Fans have expressed their enthusiasm for Seungmin's performance with comments like "Mix the perfect amount of hot and cute and you end up with Kim Seungmin," and "Studies have shown that center Seungmin is actually the key to a long life and eternal happiness."

The MV features Seungmin's high note following Minho's, which has become another standout moment leaving fans swooning.

Stray Kids, a fourth-generation K-pop band, continues to break records with their latest release.