Women’s World Cup 2023: Jamaica beat Panama 1-0 Group F

Jamaican captain Allyson Swaby scored the only goal of the game to give her team a 1–0 win against Panama.

Jamaica's A Swabi scored in the 56th minute to give Panama a 1-0 lead.

Jamaican captain Allyson Swaby has been awarded the player of the match award.

2023 Women's World Cup: That victory for Jamaica was their first in the World Cup! History was created.

2023 Women's World Cup: Jamaica equals France 4-4 on points to top group!

Jamaica is out of the World Cup due to a 1-0 result.

Women's World Cup: A draw or win will see Jamaica progress to their next match against Brazil.

Jamaica won their first FIFA Women's World Cup match 1–0 against Panama at the Perth Rectangular Stadium in Australia.